LightMoves was founded by Jim Helmer in 2010, since then LightMoves has vaulted to national leadership in two key areas, electric vehicle charging infrastructure policy and installation standards; and LED lighting retrofit projects for streets and parking facilities.  Jim co-wrote EV planning and technical guides for Hawaii, Washington and California.  While working for San Jose, the 10th largest city in the U.S., Jim was responsible for the policy to convert all the city’s existing sodium-based streetlights to long life, energy efficient LED lights.  He also led the installation of some of the nation’s first “intelligent” LED streetlight installations. LightMoves is working with leading light manufacturers, controls companies and contractors to develop customized “adaptive” LED lighting solutions, which are now being deployed in the western U.S.

LightMoves’ President, Jim Helmer, has led lighting, traffic, infrastructure maintenance and parking teams for over 35 years.  While Jim was Director of Transportation for San Jose, CA, (2002-2009), he was responsible for the planning, design, operations and maintenance of all of San Jose’s roadway and public parking systems. A lifetime of parking management and planning is the foundation for LightMoves, all of which will be put to use to investigate and tackle how best to enhance the value of your parking properties.